A Very Last Minute Show. - Natali Navarro

A Very Last Minute Show. is basically what the title says, I compile a list on thursday night or even throughout the day on friday of songs id like to play during my show! my playlist usually has a theme for that day, whether it's a theme based on genre or a topic is decided when i pick songs. I speak about what's on my mind in between songs and it's usually very random thoughts about the songs or just my day. So yeah, that's basically it! Pls come and hang out with me and judge my taste in music


In The 80's I'm Dead! - Julia Walsh & Stephanie Baker

it's the 80's, idiot

The EDM Corner - Cris Cheung

@Spacetwink on instagram




So Ya Like Jazz - Jazlyn Kendrick

Just a regular girl from Chitown who loves to play hype music, throwback hip-hop, sad music and chill music, just music to get you in the mood. But the show will be a talk show about life issues or anything I feel like talking about. I will go live on my Instagram and Facebook or one of the other.( you might want to add me but I do post memes sometimes if you don't like memes) My crew might come to hang out with me and y'all hear our funny jokes. Mondays @ 8pm.

Instagram @alyson_eccentric