Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What qualifications do I need to have to host a radio show?

A: All full-time SVA students are qualified! No DJ experience is required!

Q: How long can my show be?

A: All shows are one hour long. Additional time must be approved by the station manager(s).

Q: What equipment do you use?

A: Our booth has a Mac computer connected to a Numark Mixdeck Quad 4-Channel Universal DJ System with 2 XLR Microphones. We also have Vinyl, cassette, and CD players. You can connect your personal laptop, phone or iPod to the mixing board via a headphone jack provided in the booth.

Q: Can I bring a non-SVA student to my show?

A: permission slips are available at the station's front table regarding non-SVA students. This form must be filled out and handed to the security in the photo building lobby at least 24 hours prior to the guest's visit.

Q: Can I bring in musicians to perform live in the booth?

A: Yes, absolutely! Just make sure that If the performer is from outside of SVA, they must have a guest form filled out and submitted to the Photo Building Security at least 24 hours prior to their visit.

Q: Can I have a listener call in on the station phone and talk on my show live?

A: Yes! Have the listener call 212.592.2345

Q: Are we allowed to curse on air?

A: WSVA is a free-speech/open radio station, so yes, but we ask that you keep it classy. (no derogatory or hate speech is tolerated at WSVA, violation of this rule will result in the immediate termination of your show)

Q: Am I limited to one music genre for my radio show?

A: You can play any song you want, in any genre! your show is your’s to do what you want with it.

Q: Do I have to play music, OR can I also host a talk show?

A: Both are allowed, as well as a combination of music and a talk show! all forms of radio content are welcomed and encourageD.

Q: What should I do if I can't make my show for the week?

A: If you have to miss your show, make sure to email before your show begins (preferably with a few hours of notice). Failure to do so 3 times will result in you losing your radio show.

Q: Will my show carry over to the next semester?

A: Not unless specified. If you'd like to keep your time slot for the next semester, make sure to email us at near the end of the semester. You will get first dibs.

Q: Is WSVA Live only online? Do you have a radio station frequency?

A: We stream online using, a streaming platform for internet radio stations. We do not have a broadcast radio frequency.

Q: Where is the Radio Station Located?

A: The Station is located on the 7th floor of the SVA Photo Building in room 706-A. The Photo Building is located at 214 East 21st St.

Q: When is the station open?

A: The station is open Monday - Friday, from 10am - 10pm. all school holiday closings are also observed by the station.

Q: Can a faculty member or continuing ed student have a radio show?

A: Unfortunately No, only full-time SVA students are allowed to host a show. sorry!

Q: Can I work at the station?

A: Currently all positions for the 2019-2020 staff are filled. near the end of the spring semester, open opportunities for working at the station will be listed on the home page.

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